Estate planning, taxation and business law are critical areas of law where the help of legal experts can make dramatic differences in successful outcomes.  The lawyers of Ireson & Weizel, PLLC have more than 25 years of experience and in representing client’s needs in the areas of estate planning, probate, tax planning, tax collection disputes, and business law.

Ireson & Weizel, PLLC has an extensive estate planning and probate administration practice which includes the preparation of wills, trusts and related documents for clients with taxable and non-taxable estates. We also handle estate administration for executors and personal representatives in counties throughout the state of Texas.

Our attorneys can evaluate and aggressively pursue the best possible way to address proposed tax deficiencies and IRS collection activities. Our tax attorneys can also manage back taxes to help protect yourself, your home and your job from government manipulation. Tax services include individual and business tax planning for income tax, employment taxes and excise taxes. Additional proactive services cover income tax, estate tax and collection matters as well as offers in compromise, installment agreements, bank levy release, wage garnishment release, and tax account review.

Whether your taxation or estate planning needs are in their preparatory stages or are in critical need for defense or action with the government, the Houston taxation and estate planning lawyers of Ireson & Weizel, PLLC are prepared to aggressively manage your situation and help you get back in control.

Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation and we will give you an assessment of your situation as your taxation and estate planning lawyers in Houston.